Work From Home In The Current Corona Virus

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How To Undertake Work From Home  In The Current Coronavirus Crisis?


The ongoing international pandemic regarding Coronavirus has made it very clear how important it is to consider remote work culture for Tuntex businesses, especially for Office Department. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, presently, most of the companies are accelerating remote work.


Though there are various conjectures around the world concerning productivity loss when employees work from home. And now, because of the Coronavirus pandemic, these myths are becoming even louder and causing quite a ruckus.


The biggest challenge that companies and individuals face with remote work is to judge productivity remotely. Fortunately, Tuntex IT infrastructure is ready with remote work, brings all the solutions to such problems;

  • All data Files Storage on the Cloud/Fileserver can access from home and everywhere
  • Remote access from home to any devices/application/system at Tuntex’s Office with Tuntex Remote Web:
  • Cloud storage and sharing:
  • Collaboration Files with ONLYOFFICE
  • And many more…. As per your request.

Some of Tuntex’s “mobile users” (e.g (1) A smartphone or tablet user. (2) A traveling user with a laptop computer) had done work from home before the corona pandemic, such as: Sample department users, Planning department users and MD department users.


We just have to install the software on the laptop or tablet or PC or any device that he or she’s going to use while working from home. Can install on mobile phone too. One of the biggest advantages of this productivity measuring tool that makes it perfect-fit for mobile user/employee.


 Cloud mobile will facilitate Tuntex employee/our workload anytime and anywhere especially if we are working from home.


Download Nextcloud App first, run the app and login using your cloud account. Next, download and install Nexcloud talk app. It’s for chat or video conference call and sharing screen.



  • Anytime and anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet you could work from home. It will connecting your device to the email and Tuntex cloud data storage, sharing and collaborate files: Sign in with your cloud account/authority, it will show your department/group data storage, sharing files and collaborate.
  • Make sure save all your workload on the cloud/fileserver.
  • If You need to access/use an application such as: GGM App, Addon App, VM app, Sample Tracking app, Workflow/Accounting App. Send your email request to:
  • We will provide the access to you by. Tuntex Remote Web base:
  • How to connect WiFi/internet at home? User can use his/her cellphone to tether/hotspot, connecting the laptop. So I think there is no issue about home wifi/internet connection at home because now everyone has a cellphone.

The most valuable system is Redmine, it’s implemented on IT Division. All employee work can submit their project and the manager can monitoring all their work on the system:


This is the modern work monitoring system. It could implement in each department with user Matrix role and permission. You also get detailed report analysis of your employee’s department activities in the form of graphs and charts. So, you can simply understand the productivity metrics in the first place. Besides this, this software is a cloud-based asset. Hence, there’s no need to concern about storage issues. Your all data gets saved on the cloud.


So, if you’re facing productivity and work from home staff monitoring issues because of the recent outburst of COVID-19, then it can be a savior for Tuntex.


Without a doubt, the smooth functioning of companies has gotten shattered due to the recent chaos of Coronavirus. Tuntex IT division has provided.


Stay safe!


Tuntex-SYS IT Div Updated 3/21/2020