• IT Policy, Standards & Guidelines


    Establishes Tuntex IT governance groups, gives the Chief Information Technologi, the authority & responsibility to oversee the IT Governance program, and aligns with Nike IT Security assessment, to handle their data or services.This policy provides guidelines for establishing qualified Tuntex to do business and what requirements or regulations should be imposed upon their operational processes.

    • PDAs and Other Mobile Devices Policy

      Security Policy for The use of Handheld Devices in Tuntex Environments

      The use of handheld devices is increasing in Tuntex environments, providing mobile services and constant connectivity to mobile workers. Due to the fact that handheld devices are recent and not yet properly managed, they present new threats to corporate assets. Handheld devices combine security challenges posed by laptops, removable storage (e.g. USB keys), and cameras.

  • Tuntex SYS Internet Policy

    TUNTEX SYS Computer Network and Internet Access Policy


    • TUNTEX Wi-Fi Policy & Disclaimer

      You are about to access the Internet through a wireless Internet access node (the "Service") operated by TUNTEX SYS.

      The purpose of the Service is: To provide free public wireless Internet access to visitors of TUNTEX SYS.

  • Information and Technology Services Office

    Tuntex Information and Technology Services Office is the Office of Business Operations provides administrative support to the Office and Efficiency. The mission is to provide a foundation of information technology and business management systems to support development and deployment of innovative, efficiency and renewable technologies and practices.


    What is an IT Service Desk?

    • The IT Service Desk is intended to be a primary point of engagement between users and an IT organization.
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