Tuntex Email Signature Policy


Tuntex Company requires all staff members to use a standardized email signature in all internal or external communication related to the company. This signature gives recipients an understanding of the sender’s name and valid email address in the company while maintaining credibility. In addition, this signature represents the company and helps us maintain a clean, cohesive brand.


Here are a few tips to remember as you create or update your signature:


  1. Please use below template to create or update your signature. This will ensure that the branding is up-to-date and the format is correct. The signature must contain: Name, Email Address, Company Code, Logo (optional), Office Phone Number, Mobile Phone (optional) and Company Website.


Tuntex Signature Email Template/Standard:




  1. Delete any old signatures from your Outlook account. Deleting old signatures will help you avoid accidentally using an old signature.


  1. Use your signature on all internal and external communication. This helps to identify who you are and the responsibility you hold at the company.


  1. Don’t add information or modify the format of your signature. This format is defined by IT Div, and you are expected to comply as representatives of the Tuntex company to this policy.


For further instruction and examples, please reference our Email Signature Guideline. All supervisors are responsible for ensuring their employees are in compliance.


If you need assistance with your signature, contact the IT ServiceDesk at

and the IT guy will be happy to assist.

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