Establishes Tuntex IT governance groups, gives the Chief Information Technology, the authority & responsibility to oversee the IT Governance program, and aligns with IT Security assessment, to handle their data or services.This policy provides guidelines for establishing qualified Tuntex company to do business and what requirements or regulations should be imposed upon their operational processes.

IT Standard & Guidlines

Information Security is guided by Tuntex Policy Information Security and the internationally recognized C-TPAT Security code of practice. Standards and guidelines support: Standards outline the minimum requirements designed to address certain risks and specific requirements that ensure compliance with Policy . These provide a basis for verifying compliance through audits and assessments. All units must comply with the standards by following prescribed procedures or by developing unit-specific procedures that meet or exceed the minimum requirements established by the standards.

Standards for information technology (IT) systems are important to users in effectively applying IT and carrying out the business of their organizations. Users need standards to interconnect products developed by different vendors and to move software, data and applications from one system to another. However, the formal standards development process does not always respond to user needs in a timely way. The cost and complexity of the process often inhibits direct user participation over the long period of time needed to develop standards. Users also have difficulty applying the standards when they are developed in a fragmented and non-integrated fashion. New approaches and tools are needed to enable users to achieve their goals for interoperable multi-vendor systems. 


Tuntex-SYS IT Division Updated 5/12/2019