Security Policy for The use of Handheld Devices in Tuntex Environments

The use of handheld devices is increasing in Tuntex environments, providing mobile services and constant connectivity to mobile workers. Due to the fact that handheld devices are recent and not yet properly managed, they present new threats to corporate assets. Handheld devices combine security challenges posed by laptops, removable storage (e.g. USB keys), and cameras.

Security policies for mobile devices attaching to the Tuntex's network can be split into two categories:

  1. policies for approved devices and policies for other devices.
  2. The unapproved devices policy will simply be one of two options:
  • Access denied: No access to the enterprise network altogether

  • Access restricted: A highly constrained set of privileges available to the user The following are the key elements to consider when creating policies for approved devices. Note that there is further categorization in the approved device category: employee owned and corporate issued:

  1. Policies for physical device protection

  2.  Policies for device backup and restore 

  3. Policies for device provisioning


Tuntex-SYS IT Division Updated 7/25/2019


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