Riot: A Distributed Way of Having CHAT and VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Client.


To support Tuntex Group user and management with complete communication in business: Chat, exchange files, make voice or video calls and conferences, add bots.


  • Fully open source tooling and open protocols: no lock in at all
  • Saving on telephone costs
  • Share, upload and download files with friends, colleagues
  • Secure. End-to-End encryption whose code has been audited by NCC. Private conversations, so that only you and the other participant(s) can read them.
    No one else can read, monetise or compromise your data — secured by the best encryption methods available.
  • Voice & Video Conferencing; Riot provides one touch voice and video calls and conferences on all platforms. On mobile, respond to calls as natively as you do a normal phone call. During a conference, you can also share a link to it with other users, allowing them to join via their browser, even if they're not a Riot user.
  • The system has been installed on Tuntex server


only one thing to do, Install application on the client device (Notebook/Desktop/Mobile)


Tuntex-SYS IT Div Admin Updated 6/11/2020

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