Tuntex internal portal, it's a specially designed to serves WebmailPrivate Cloud, B/W Monitoring, IDS, Infrastructure MonitoringCaptive Portal, Mailreport as a single point of access for PT. Tuntex Garment Indonesia information. It can also be considered a library of a personalized and categorized content. Tuntex Internal Portal will helps in search navigation, personalization, collaborations, notifications, business intelligence and applications integration. And security is our primary concern. 

A flexible Tuntex project management, to help project management teams stay on top of every project. It's comes with plug-ins that can make project management and all related processes a breeze. On top of traditional project management functionality for budgeting, collaboration, customization, issue tracking, learning and support, notifications, and resource management. Focused on increasing productivity.


  • Multiple projects:  All project workload is presented in one place to facilitate analysis and monitoring. All workers can have different roles in public and private projects, both of which can be presented in a customized way. Subprojects can also be added.

  • Issue tracking and presentation: Managers can create custom statuses and define types of issues. Through graphic presentation employees can better envision their workflow and have an accurate view of the big picture.

  • Gantt chart and calendar

  • News, documents & files management

  • Feeds & email notifications

  • Per project wiki

  • Per project forums

  • Time tracking: Managers can track how much time an employee or a team takes to handle a ticket or complete a entire project.

  • Custom fields for issues, time-entries, projects and users

  • Issue creation via email

  • Better Formatting: Moderators can submit different issue information – date, related section, text, Boolean, etc, with other custom fields available. They can further post messages, share files or even make wikis for the project to further clarify items.

  • Social Collaboration: Newsfeed discussions, announcements, comments, @mentions

  • File Sharing and Storage: Centralize data with file storage and sharing permissions, document viewer

  • Communities, Forums and eLearning: Allow employee for easier collective information sharing through Discussion Forums and Knowledge Bases

Latest news about Tuntex Group activities also can be found within this portal.


This was last published in September 21, 2017. By. Dewi - IT Administrator

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