IT Policies and Standards

Policy is a guideline for action. It is the high level plan or course of action that embraces the general goals and objectives of the missions. IT policy defines the way in which the develops and implements information technology, i.e., by means of work plan, to more efficiently and effectively accomplish its missions to serve and how employees (staff) and management are to approach security, and how certain situations will be handled. IT policy must comply with international standardization, government laws, and regulations not specific to information technology may also apply.

To help safeguard and secure company information whis is PT. Tuntex Garment Indonesia and information resources, all users and departments are expected to adhere to these policies and standards where applicable or to request an exception.These policies are not intended to prevent, prohibit or inhibit the sanctioned use of company information assets as required to meet plan core mission and administrative goals.

Please report suspected violations to direct comments, questions and other inquiries.


This was last published in March 16, 2018. By. Dewi - IT Administrator

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