Data Storage Policy and Guidelines


The Tuntex Business provides all full-time company and administrative staff with a designated: Tuntex File Server. It is an individual storage resource to store data and files directly related to company research, employee and business functions. Access to individual storage is strictly limited to the owner of this resource. Upon joining the company, all staff will also be assigned access to a departmental storage resource(share) for managing (storing, updating, deleting) data and files that need to be shared and accessible to everyone in their respective department. All members in each designated "departmental share" are responsible for managing their own data according to each department’s established procedures. If the business need arises, company and staff have a third option for sharing data and files. In this instance, a Tuntex Group such as: MD Group, Planning Group, etc storage share can be created to allow a specific group of individuals (company and/or staff) to manage data and files in a collaborative way similar to departmental shares. Members of each specific share are responsible for managing their data according to the members’ established procedures as well as to the specific permissions that each member is granted (read, write, delete).


The purpose of this policy and guidelines document is to establish and communicate data storage resources at the Tuntex Company as well as to define acceptable usage of storage. The Tuntex’s IT infrastructure is configured to optimally support the technology requirements of our IT Governance. Effective management and use of individual, departmental, and group storage shares by IT Governance will enable Tuntex IT Division to manage the Tuntex’s storage resources more efficiently.


Individual data store – Upon joining the Tuntex company, all full-time employee and staff will assigned access of File Server storage for managing files directly related to their job task, research and administrative functions.

Departmental shares – Each department/group will be assigned access an equitable storage based on the number of staff in the respective department as well as business functions performed.

Group shares – On a per request basis to meet specific business needs* as noted below, a collaborative storage between Tuntex group share (TIC/TK/CK/ GBI/GBS/ZJ/FQ/TMV) will be created for use by a group of Tuntex employee and/or staff.

  • Acceptable business needs for Tuntex group share : Collaborate and manage a sizable amount of files betweenindividuals for an extended period manage data or files that are considered highly sensitive in nature and should be stored using internal Tuntex File Server storage.

File Server Storage Guidelines

To confirm to Tuntex Company guidelines as well as to manage your data more effectively:

  • Only Tuntex Company related data and files can be stored on our infrastructure. The TuntexCompany assumes no responsibility for the loss, protection or restoration of personal data.
  • Administrative staff/employee members are required to store all data, information or files thatare created or managed as part of their work function on the departmental or group shares.Constituents have the option of using their individual share (webdav drive/Cloud) or local computer(c: drive) storage as a working, staging or testing resource. If data is considered either critical orrequired for day-to-day operations to company, administrative or research needs, then it must bestored in your departmental or group share.Your department/organization may have additionalrequirements on how the data is managed such as file naming conventions, structure of folders,version retention, etc.
  • Unless you have received a waiver from IT, no data relating to you or someone else which contain ID Card Numbers, credit cards or personal identifiable information can be stored, transmitted or used on Tuntex Company resources. If you encounter any of these types of data, contact your manager and IT Division specialist (IT DIV Head) immediately.
  • Materials that are subject to a copyright where the Tuntex or user does not have an authorize, not related to work for such materials should not be stored on Tuntex resources, including hostedservices/systems. The Tuntex Company has a strict compliance policy that all users must adhereto since improper or unauthorized usage of copyright material is aggressively monitored byexternal sources and offending institutions and individuals can be held liable and subject tosignificant penalties.
  • Periodically, and at the discretion of each department’s business procedures, all constituentsshould review and audit data accessible in their individual data store, departmental and groupshares and delete any files that are no longer needed. Data storage is a finite resource that needsto be managed proactively, and has detrimental impact on our company/business programs andinfrastructure if it goes unchecked.
  • Files and folders should be named appropriately and uniquely for ease of management anddiscovery should a restoration of data be required.
  • Data backups of individual data stores, departmental and group shares are performed on a dailybasis. Data can be restored as far back as 1 week from the time they were deleted or modified.
  • If individual or departmental needs arise for additional storage for legitimate business needs,your designated IT Division technology specialist should be contacted to assist with the requestemail to:

Storage Reclamation

A periodic review and reclamation of storage resources will be performed by IT Division as follows :

  • IT Div can purge any data or files that it deems is non-compliant to established policies and/or poses a risk to the Tuntex Company, but will notify the owner of the file(s) before doing so.
  •  Upon termination or permanent leave from the Tuntex Company, a user's individual data store will be deleted based on the following schedule :
  1. Employee data stores will be deleted after 3 months.
  2. Administrative data stores will be deleted after 30 days.
  • Group shares will be audited annually by IT Div. Owners of these shares will be required to renew their subscription to the group share, otherwise they will be archived offline.
  •  Files and folders in departmental or group shares that have not been accessed for more than one year will be archived offline as well.


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